About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose of Gulf Coast Dancenter is to foster a profound and enduring passion for ballet across all age groups. We are committed to offering a comprehensive spectrum of programs ranging from pre-ballet to pre-professional levels. Our dedication lies in creating a haven for dance enthusiasts, ensuring their safety, and promoting inclusivity through our dance training. As a premier choice in Pinellas County and the greater Tampa Bay area, we aspire to nurture the upcoming generation of ballet professionals by furnishing them with unparalleled opportunities.

Our Goal

At Gulf Coast Dancenter, our primary goal is to cultivate the next generation of professional dancers by providing them with unparalleled opportunities and comprehensive training. Through our meticulously crafted curriculum, unwavering commitment to safety, and emphasis on inclusivity, we aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed for thriving ballet careers. Our dedicated faculty, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ensures that each student receives tailored guidance, empowering them to excel and succeed in the world of dance. Join us as we nurture a genuine passion for ballet and create an environment that supports the journey and growth of aspiring dancers at every stage.

Our Studio

Our dance rooms offer state of the art O’mara Sprung Floors for the safety of your dancer with a marley overlay, wall to wall mirrors, stereo system, and ballet barres.  The studio spaces are large with 10 foot high ceilings which is wonderful when conducting partnering classes.  Gulf Coast Dancenter is a clean, friendly, and professional training facility with a nurturing family environment located in central Pinellas County.

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