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Fall 2022 Schedule 

Trial Session:

1. We offer a month long trial of our dance program.

2. Scroll down for a description of the program for each age category.

3. Call us at 727-448-0044 to set up your month-long trial session.

Dance Program Explained:

Below is a breakdown of our program.  Levels are determined by age.  Required classes are listed under each level.

If you would like your child to make faster progress, we encourage additional classes beyond the required core classes.

Note: Age requirements based on student’s age of September 1st.


Age 3 – Creative Movement – 30 mins per week

Ages 4-5 – Combo Ballet/Tap – 1 hour per week

Ages 6-7 – Level 1 – 2 hours per week (required)

  • 1 Ballet Class
  • 1 Elective Class: Jazz 1/2, Tap 1/2, OR Acro 1

Ages 8-10 – Level 2 – 3 hours per week (required)

  • 1 Ballet Class
  • 2 Elective Classes: Jazz 1/2, Tap 1/2, Acro 2, OR Ballet

Ages 10-12 – Level 3 – 5 hours per week (required)

  • 2 Ballet Classes
  • 2 Elective Classes: Jazz 3, Tap 3, Contemporary 3, Conditioning, OR Acro 2

Ages 12-14 – Level 4 – 7.5 hours per week (required)

  • 3 Ballet Classes (must take the ballet class prior to your pointe class)
  • Pointe 1 or 2 (based on skill)
  • Jazz 4
  • 1 Elective Class: Contemporary 4, Tap 4, Conditioning, OR Acro 3/4

Ages 14+ – Level 5 – 10 hours per week (required)

  • 4 Ballet Classes (All three Ballet 5 classes and Saturday Ballet 4/5)
  • Repertoire
  • Jazz 5
  • Contemporary 5
  • Conditioning



Creative Movement – $60/month

Combo Ballet/Tap – $80/month

Level 1 – $144/month

Level 2 – $192/month

Level 3 – $300/month

Level 4 – $375/month

Level 5 – $460/month

Note: Yearly registration fee applies, $35 for  new students and $25 for returning students and siblings.

Tuition Policies:

  • Monthly tuition is due the first of the month.  Tuition is late if paid after the 5th and will incur a $20 late fee.
  • All changes to classes or termination of account must be done via an email to the office manager at  Tuition that has already been paid is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  A 30 day cancellation notice is required.  

Private Coaching:

We offer personalized one on one coaching to assist our dancers to reach their dance goals.  This is a tailored time to work on the continued improvement of the dancer’s technique, to work through steps that may be causing the dancer issues, coaching and rehearsing solos, and to assist in the creation of audition videos for college, summer intensives, or career opportunities.

Privates are only available for dancers ages 9 to Adult.  You do not have to be a current GCD student to take privates.  Please call 727-448-0044 to schedule a private.

Privates – $85/hour   


Dress Code:


Clink on the link to learn how to make a proper Ballet Bun – 

Creative Movement

  • Leotard or Dance Dress – any color
  • Pink Tights (if your child will wear them)
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather), NO sating ballet bed slippers
  • Hair Up

Combo and Pre-Ballet

  • Leotard or Dance Dress – any color
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather), NO satin ballet bed slippers
  • Hair up in Bun

*Combo Classes – also need Black Buckle Tap Shoes

Ballet 1 – Ballet 5

  • Black Leotard – should own at least 1 spaghetti strap leotard for photos
  • Pink Convertible Tights – tights must be worn under leotard and in ballet shoes, not rolled up
  • Pink Ballet Shoes – any style/brand (canvas or leather)
  • Hair in Bun secured with bobby pins and hair net…Short Hair – bangs must be secured back with a head band and in ponytail


  • White or Black Fitted Top
  • Black Bottoms – shorts or tights
  • Black Ballet Shoes (canvas or leather)

Ballet Optional:

  • Black, Colored, or Floral Ballet Skirt or Black Booty Shorts (form fitting with no writing across bottom and must be worn with tights!)
  • Ballet Pink or Black Leg Warmers


All Levels


  • Black Leotard
  • Convertible or Stirrup Tights are required – Pink, Black, or Tan
  • Shoes – see below, based on class
  • Hair in Ponytail or Bun; Bangs secured back


  • White or Black Fitted Top
  • Black Bottoms – tights, shorts, or fitness pants, NO JEANS!

Jazz Shoes:

  • Women/Girls: Tan Jazz Shoes
  • Men/Boys: Black Jazz Shoes Contemporary Shoes

Contemporary Shoes:

  • Women/Girls: Tan Lyrical Shoes (look like half a ballet slipper)
  • Men/Boys: Tan Dance Paws

Tap Shoes:

  • All – Level 1 – Pre-Pro: Black Oxford Tap Shoes with a hard toe box

Tumbling Shoes:

  • All – None, barefoot

Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Tumbling Optional:

  • Solid Black Booty Shorts, Jazz Pants, or Leggings.  NO writing across the butt, and booty shorts must be worn with tights!!!

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