Youth Ballet Program

Gulf Coast Dancenter is dedicated to nurturing a deep passion for ballet among individuals of all ages, offering a diverse range of programs from pre-ballet to pre-professional levels. We have diligently crafted our curriculum to provide the utmost safety and inclusivity in dance training, making us a leading choice in Pinellas County and the wider Tampa Bay area. Our primary goal is to cultivate the next generation of professional dancers by providing them with exceptional opportunities.

At Gulf Coast Dancenter, we boast a remarkable faculty that sets us apart. Our instructors bring a wealth of experience from various backgrounds, including successful ballet careers, Broadway careers, university degrees, dance awards, and multiple dance teaching certifications. With their expertise, we ensure that your child receives the most appropriate training tailored to their individual aspirations and success.

Join us at Gulf Coast Dancenter, where we instill a genuine love for ballet and foster an environment that supports the growth and development of aspiring dancers at every stage of their journey.

Our Youth Ballet Program is divided into three divisions each with a different focus and purpose:

    • Children’s Division (Pre-Ballet)
      • Ages 3-6
      • Small classes for individual attention.
      • Developemental correct class structure and ballet education for the student’s success.
    • Student Division (Levels 1-3)
      • Ages 6-15
      • Introduction into the world of ballet and jazz with a focus on creating a strong technical foundation and love for dance.
      • Multiple yearly performance opportunities to build confidence while on stage.
    • Pre-professional Division (Level 4 & 5)
      • Ages 12+ (by audition or placement)
      • Curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of advanced students on track to join a professional dance company or to pursue a degree in dance.
      • Focused attention on proper alignment, technique, and artistry.
      • The most qualified and professionally connected instructors in Pinellas County.

Children’s Division

Age 3 to 6

Student Division

Age 6 to 15

Pre-Professional Division

Age 12+ by audition